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The US Postal Service is the country’s second largest employer with over 516,750 career employees and 118,600 non-career employees.

USPS career is highly sought after due to the minimal hiring requirements for entry-level jobs, highly competitive salaries, and generous federal benefits. These jobs also offer a high level of job security.

As the core of the country’s communications and delivery systems, postal workers play an invaluable role in delivering over 44% of the world’s mail volume. These efforts generated over 78.8 billion dollars in operating revenue in 2022.



The Postal Service regularly recruits for various entry-level positions, including Mail Carrier, Window Clerk, Mail Processor, and Mail Handler. These positions offer a competitive benefits package, including retirement savings plans, health and life insurance options, and paid time off. Eligibility for specific benefits and amounts may vary depending on the position, location, and employment status.

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  • City Mail Carrier
  • City Carrier Assistant
  • Rural Mail Carrier
  • Rural Carrier Assistant
  • Mail Processor
  • Mail Handler
  • Mail Handler Assistant
  • Window Clerk
  • Data Conversion Operator
  • Label Printing Technician



The application process for all entry-level USPS jobs is the same and starts online. Our paid resources are designed to make this process much easier, and we encourage you to use them to your advantage.

Prior experience is not required for many USPS positions, and selection decisions are made by local postal officials based on your performance throughout the hiring process, not on your past accomplishments.

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  • Up to $26/hr Starting Pay
  • $75,000 Annual Avg w/Benefits
  • Federal Benefits
  • No Experience Required for Many Postal Jobs

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